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A compilation of songs representing actions that have occurred in the current epoch, deposited from the deep deep crevice that is a human heart. Denial, Drug induced epilepsy, being far from home, and an abundance of absence are all covered here, backed by a dark, dreamy, but abrasive take on Post-Rock, and Slowcore music. Culminated over 2 long years, Holocene is a representation of all things human. It begs the question of how to move on from the things that curse us through our lives, but it requests precious little in return. It asks you to think of those you love, but to forever remember those who made you uncomfortable.


released May 22, 2016

All instrumentation and production done by Eschew You
Artwork created by Lyda Rose x Eschew You
Overseen by Deep Woods Records
Two bonus tracks available at www.Deepwoods.bandcamp.com



all rights reserved


Eschew You Portland, Oregon

A musical persona based out of Portland, OR.
A culmination of everything I have come to see, and hear.

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Track Name: BLK (Worthy)
Standing right in front of me
More than anybody
waste all of your energy
sling on to your ecstasy
grasp onto your fingers
pretend you didn't see a thing
grasp onto your fingers
pretend you didn't see a thing

Spin me down, cover me
I don't believe the thread you're spinning out
I got a show to play in my head
this crowd is dead like me
I laugh requesting/expecting silence from a kid
who's laughing with me
covered me from head to toe
instills the things I wish I hadn't done
but did
Leave me alone
I won't pretend, but will contain it
do you love me still? I think you do
I see it, but won't admit it.
Track Name: Without (You and the Living World)
I don’t know what
I’ll do in this shape
Maybe nothing
Learn to self-elate

I admire
Your prentension
I expect nothing less than your affection
to my headache
make it swim away
into oceans
made of nothing but space
I Adore that
Idea you planted
In my head
Lets forget that (Happened)
Track Name: Plans (edit)
I should have more time just to think about nothing
cause everything I do just seems to make nothing
I should make more plans just to say maybe
man, the things I hang on drive me crazy

Im away from you it feels like I'm fading
when you're on my lips it feels like I'm gaining
some are listening some operating
I'm too busy feel like I'm sedated

I guess you might be thinking
I had my chance I made it quit
I can't take much more of it
Track Name: Palpitation (or How to Save Yourself)
You waited there for me

for me
phone me
Track Name: Midnight Hatsize (Tied Down)
I fell asleep on you my love
with 70 people watching
I don’t know what I was thinking of
but deep down baby it’s haunting

Ashamed and sick to my gut
cut it out with a motorized son

Last time I tried to do the same
on some drink and medicine
just like this but now reframed
this is the last time I try anything

Attempt at what I just can’t tell
I’m done putting myself on sale

Put your laughter in my face
I’d much rather have it to embrace

I never thought that my old friends
would leave me so many lashes
I’d rather not succumb, god sends
people to me causing crashes

Smoking out the dirty sum
Glad they’re gone I’m the lucky one

Put your faultless mind in space
there’s no room for it in my new cage

I’m so done
Track Name: ALA (A Promise)
I was trying to be nice
but you put my heart in a vice
now I can't be casual
without you thinking I'm too cool for you

My emotions ain't astray
I cut myself with what I think they say
now I can't help but be pissed
cause your love feels more like a waiting list
Track Name: Advances (All I Wanted Was for Sun to Save Me)
and how am I to breathe
for one moment guaranteed?
Cause all the things I've loved
have clearly had enough

I can't plant with nothing
I need to find them where

Somehow I'm not too hurt
This place I've always lurked
has brought more harm than good
I know I should not be here
I'll watch you sit, and lay
I'll think of all the things
I would begin to say if only you could hear me

Now I've noticed you're not here
first time I've seen you gone
for every second you're not here
it's one second too long
I've wasted every word
on petty humor
I killed the thing I did not know could be hurt

I'll witness every touch
and pray that it's enough
enough to hold you over
I can't believe I would pray
I guess this means I should
prepare for the real world
and advance my advances beyond everything I've heard