by Eschew You

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    Please note, this is not the finished product. The drums WILL be redone, as will the vocals. I am using this as a placeholder to give you guys an opportunity to hear what I'm bringing to the table.

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An experimentation in being alone.


released October 11, 2014

All instrumentation done by Xela Weeks

///////For Me & For You\\\\\\\



all rights reserved


Eschew You Portland, Oregon

A musical persona based out of Portland, OR.
A culmination of everything I have come to see, and hear.

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Track Name: Without
I don’t know what
I’ll do in this shape
Maybe nothing
Learn to self-elate

I admire
Your prentention
I expect nothing less than your affection
to my headache
make it swim away
into oceans
made of nothing but space
I Adore that
Idea you planted
In my head
Lets forget that (Happened)
Track Name: Midnight Hatsize
I fell asleep on you my love
with 70 people watching
I don’t know what I was thinking of
but deep down baby it’s haunting

Ashamed and sick to my gut
cut it out with a motorized son

Last time I tried to do the same
on some drink and medicine
just like this but now reframed
this is the last time I try anything

Attempt at what I just can’t tell
I’m done putting myself on sale

Put your la ughter in my face
I’d much rather have it to embrace

I never thought that my old friends
would leave me so many lashes
I’d rather not succumb, god sends
people to me causing crashes

Smoking out the dirty sum
Glad they’re gone I’m the lucky one

Put your faultless mind in space
there’s no room for it in my new cage

I’m so done
Track Name: The Early Bird IS the Worm
Im living in one glass heart
I have one in me too
I guess I should stop throwing rocks of words
rocks of words at you

I don’t think they’ll break
these walls down in my mind

But I don’t doubt it

Do you ever think grass grows high
On purpose like we do

I know it’s waste of your and my time
To just not be here
The way we are today
There was a piece of you that you just threw away

Its on the carpet
getting pissed on my the last one
Someday he’ll accept him

I know sometime I’ll calibrate this
Don’t tell me what to do God
I’ll stay outside eat Worms
Eat Worms

Lie in a by Bayou
Track Name: Noise Pollution (In My Head)
Take your pretty face
Lay it down with grace
It will be over soon
I don't want to hurt you

I think I'm causing noise pollution in my head
It's loud as hell and just won't stop ain't had enough
I plug my brain into my mouth it won't turn off
but no one wants to hear one note that just won't stop

Take your body
and place it next to me
I do for you
But not because you want me to